An Overview About Laser Lights: Origin, Uses, Safety Issues

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laser lights show

Surely, you have heard about a laser light show. As a matter of fact, we are quite familiar with laser light. Today’s technology has been using this type of light a lot. From hair removal procedures to laser light displays in the club. Even traditional Christmas lights have been dominated by laser light projectors. And if you don’t believe me, feel free to read the reviews about how homeowners have now started to prefer laser lights more. In the medical world as well, the use of laser has been on the rise for dentists , doctors, and other medical professionals. 

We have witnessed shows, whether actual or on television, that made use of laser lights. In fact, these laser light shows are not even new. As early as 1970s, people have witnessed how performers used this display for better show aesthetic. Without further ado, let’s get to know more about these laser lights display.

Laser Light Show

Also known as laser lighting display, laser light shows have one goal in mind and that is to entertain the audience. Most commonly, laser light shows are accompanied by musical performances. Some of the popular names who have made laser lighting display trendy are Pink Floyd and the famous band, Led Zeppelin. As a matter of fact, Pink Floyd’s upcoming concert will still be using laser lighting display as well. Usually, to add more effects, a smoke machine and video projection goes along with the performance. Overall, the use of laser light in shows heavily focuses on entertainment as laser beams allow the projection of several patterns or images.


During the 1970s, psychedelic entertainment was famous. At this time, rock bands and musicians were the known hosts of laser light shows during their concerts. Furthermore, lasers were still considered new to the entertainment industry and so, safety precautions were not yet exhausted during these moments. In Out of the Blue’s tour in 1978, they were able to utilize laser beams which were projected very close to band members and audiences; however, U.S. and many other countries have become strict in regulating shows using laser beams. This is due to the safety issues that accompany irresponsible and excessive use of lasers.

laser light safety rules

Safety Issues

With the many laser lights show held in the U.S., there have been cases wherein audiences were brought to health centers as they were experiencing vision problems. Indeed, lasers have the potential to cause damage if it is directly projected to the eyes. Furthermore, lasers may also cause skin damages when directly aimed or even if it’s at a close range. That being said, uses of lasers, regardless if it’s for entertainment or for medical procedures, are now strictly monitored by the FDA.

Despite the safety issues that are raised when it comes to laser lights, they still serve a lot of purposes. Laser lights are not only useful for rock concerts or as Christmas decorations but also for many medical breakthroughs. Just recently, the world’s biggest x-ray laser was reported to have generated its very first laser light; with this, a better understanding for the basis of illnesses as well as the development of more advanced laser therapies are made possible. And so we can safely say that at the end of the day, as long as lasers are used responsibly, it should not be a problem.


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