How Should I Start in Mixed Martial Arts?: The Proper Steps to Take

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If you’re interested in learning Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), there are proper steps you should take as you take on your journey. But before anything else, let us first get to know this combat sport.

What is Mixed Martial Arts?

Originally, mixed martial arts started out as a competition in hopes of determining the most effective type of martial arts. Today, MMA, also known as Ultimate Fighting, is a contact sport that involves grappling and striking. MMA can take place while the fighters are standing up, sitting down or on the ground. MMA involves a lot of physicality and this only poses greater risks of getting physically hurt. While many are not a fan of how rough MMA can be, it is actually a good workout whenever it’s done well and with care.

While it is true that horrific injuries may be common to Jiu Jitsu, Karate or Taekwondo competitions. MMA is actually the combat sport that is considered to be the most dangerous of all. And this is exactly why people who are interested in it should properly think things through.

The Appropriate Steps

  • Research about it or talk to people who are in it.

You should check out videos, testimonials, reviews and stories relating to MMA. Furthermore, you should also reach out to people who has been in the field. Try to ask them questions that may be necessary for you to decide on whether or not you are willing to undergo its training.

  • Assess your feelings towards MMA.

MMA is not a joke. You must assess yourself if it’s truly what you want to give a try. Once you’ve thought things through, you can finally decide to push through with it or not. You must not only prepare yourself physically but also, psychologically

  • Visit MMA centers or schools.

If you’ve decided to go for it, you should drop by MMA training centers. Take a look around and talk to the receptionist about their training options. Ask about the things that will be done during training or classes. It’s best to go to more than one MMA school just so you can compare.

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  • Talk to an instructor.

Talking to an MMA instructor will help you get started. He might have some suggestions or advices for you before you get on with the MMA training.

  • Secure your MMA gear.

Before attending any class, make sure you secure yourself with the appropriate gear needed. Protective gears such as groin protectors and mouthpiece are essential.

  • Start attending classes.

Once you’re all geared up, you may start attending classes. Don’t just attend to learn the physical techniques, learn about the theoretical backgrounds as well. Listen well when the instructor is discussing something.

  • Learn proper breathing.

A good instructor will always help you with your breathing especially if you have no martial arts background previously. Focus on the proper way of breathing as you’re getting pinned down to the ground.

  • Learn the moves and techniques, including tapping out.

Finally, continue training and attending classes to learn the moves and techniques. Take a look at to find dummies for Wrestling and BJJ as they might be helpful for you. Moreover, you must also learn the proper way and time to tap out.

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