Gili Air: Things to Love about the Island

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One of the best tourist destinations in Bali, Indonesia today is the Gili Islands, which is comprised of three beautiful islets – Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air.

Gili Air is a perfect islet to spend a couple of nights. By the time you stepped out from the boat and into the islet’s soft and white sand, you’ll never regret adding Gili Air into your itinerary; and here are the top things to love about the island, making the trip to Bali to Gili Air is worth it.

#1: Best place to learn scuba diving for free

Gili Air is blessed with calm and a wide range to dive waters; in fact, the islet is considered as one of the most popular sites to learn how to scuba. The current in Gili Air is very gentle, while the temperature of the water is great for both new and professional scuba divers.

You may visit Gili Air Wall, the Blue Plains, the Hans Reef, the Batfish Point, Soraya, and the Nudibranch Heaven. These diving sites in Gili Air are ideal for all divers, including the starters.

The best time to do scuba diving in Gili Air is from May to September; this is when the weather is almost perfect and days where you can easily encounter better marine life. So, if you are planning to have your next vacation in Gili Air, you should start planning and find out how to get the Gili Air from Bali, Indonesia.

#2:  To find out turtle heaven

Not only Gili Air is the best place to snorkel or scuba dive, but it is also a heaven for turtles – the Turtle Heaven – a tourist spot where you’ll find dozens of turtles of different ages.

#3: The Gili Air Sunset

Another best spot in Gili Island where you’ll find beautiful sunset is the Gili Air. On top of that, to enjoy the sunset, why not have fun? You might want the kind of fun that includes visiting the island’s best bars and restaurants while waiting for the perfect time to take pictures of the captivating sunset in Gili Air.

#4: The locals

Cuisine, the beaches, and the people of Gili Air can make every tourist stay for more days or can make them return to the island on their next vacation plans. The locals are friendly and warm; plus, the foods are remarkable. Indeed, you’ll never regret booking a ticket for a fast boast to Gili Air.

How to get to Gili Air?

If you are in Lombok, you may take either public or private boat, which are always available from early morning until late in the afternoon. The ports to choose from are Teluk Nara, Bangsal Harbor, Teluk Kode, and Senggigi.

If you are from Bali, take a shuttle ride Padang Bai and take a fast boat ride to Gili Air.

If you are one of many travelers who don’t like all the tiring processes of purchasing a ticket at the port to Gili Air, you may book a ticket at Duck Ferries for fast and safe boats.

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