Diamond Education: How to Sell Your Diamond Ring According to its Market Value?

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Are you planning to sell your diamond ring but do not know where to start?

Before asking yourself “how to sell my diamond ring? ” shouldn’t you know how the diamond is valued? If you want to get a better quote and deal for the diamond ring, here’s a fast diamond education:

1. Know the 4 C’s

All diamonds are appraised according to these essential factors – the cut, color, clarity, and the carat. Before stepping to a jeweler’s place and sell your diamond ring, you need to have it appraised by a reliable appraiser.

The diamond’s cut is specifically referred to the diamond’s quality in terms of the proportion, the angle, the brilliance, the symmetry, the scintillation, and the finishing details. In fact, the cut of the diamond is crucial amongst the other 4 C’s – even for a smallest wrong cut, it can greatly affect the diamond’s overall sparkle.

The color of the diamond, on the other hand, is valued in terms of its being colorless – the lesser the color, the more valuable the diamond is. The diamond’s color is graded from D – Z (D is identified as the most colorless and Z contains a hint of either yellow or brown); however, if there was a hint of imperfection with the diamond’s cut, the color of the diamond will also be affected, and so does the chance to sell the ring.

The clarity of the diamond is referred to as the ability of the light to pass through the diamond. Although both diamonds’ cut and the color may influence its clarity, there are still cases that the brilliance and the beauty of the diamond are affected due to its size and some hint of blemishes. Like the cut and the color, the clarity is valued according to its scale.

Lastly, the carat; the diamond is graded according to its weight and not the size of it – unlike you would mostly hear. One of the essential elements when buying or selling a diamond ring is its carat weight or the weight of the diamond; however, the brilliance and the overall appearance of the diamond is crucial than its weight. For instance, if you are selling a 2-carat diamond ring, but does not spark brightly as the 1-carat diamond ring, the former becomes less valuable than the latter. In other words, the carat weight is not the primary characteristic of a diamond; it is the overall appearance and brilliance.

2. Look for a reliable store to sell it

One of the difficult parts when selling any kind of jewelry is looking for an honest jeweler store. Fortunately, you can rely on Windsor Retailer – a reliable diamond buying branch that successfully sells diamonds every day; all you need to do to know them better is to visit their official website at Speedy Diamonds.

Selling diamond ring is not that easy, especially if you want to sell it according to its market value; however, if you have enough knowledge about selling the diamond, it’ll be easier for you to make money out of it.

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