Human Growth Hormone: Top Facts about HGH Injections

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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) therapy is a recommended medical approach in treating Growth Hormone Deficiency (GHD) – a medical condition where the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland is unable to produce enough growth hormone; thus, affecting the individual’s growth and development (commonly in children and young adults).

Quick History on HGH drug

The Human Growth Hormone was successfully used to treat children with growth disorders in 1963, but the production and distribution were halted in the middle of the 1980s due to discoveries that some of the produced drugs were contaminated with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), which is similar to ‘mad-cow disease’.

You are probably wondering, how HGH drug was first formulated several years ago?

Since it is ‘Human Growth Hormone’, according to medical journals, HGH was first formulated in a grizzly process – so, yes, it is from a human. Although it was in detailed in prior years that HGH was extracted from animals, it was yet revealed that HGH was extracted from the pituitary gland of a human cadaver, but isolating the organ first from the cadaver.

The drug worked well on kids with growth disorders; however, after 26 people that have died due to CJD, which was linked from contaminated HGH, the US Food and Drug Administration had stopped all the distribution of HGH drugs that were cadaver-derived.

Fortunately, because of the collaboration of Genentech (a biotechnology company) and Eli Lilly (a drug company), they were able to manufacture HGH drugs via recombinant bacteria – a genetically modified bacteria with a gene coding for HGH production. The modified bacteria will now become little factories that will produce a limitless production of HGH – a safe source of HGH that will help children with a growth disorder.

Who are qualified to use HGH therapy?

The therapy isn’t just given to anyone for muscle enhancing and youth-gain purposes; HGH therapy is prescribed and given to individuals with pituitary problems, specifically, kids with growth problems (born with or acquired) and adults with adult-onset growth hormone deficiency.

How can you tell if your child or you have growth hormone deficiency?

It is easy to identify children with GH deficiency, which is often characterized by:

  • Smaller stature than other kids of their age
  • Has chubby body build
  • Slow or impaired hair growth
  • Experiencing delayed puberty

Adults, on the other hand, need to undergo some tests to find out if he or she is suffering from GH deficiency and to find out if the GH deficiency is secondary to a known or unknown disease; for instance, individuals with Turner’s syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Noonan Syndrome, and Chronic Kidney Disease.

Adults with GHD may experience the following health problems:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Increased fat
  • Fatigue or tiredness
  • Muscle and bone weakness
  • Reduced mental sharpness and concentration

Is it safe to buy HGH injection online?

Yes; it is. However, before you can pick it up here at a licensed and reliable distributor, you need to acquire a prescription from a licensed doctor.

How is it administered?

There are several ways of medicine administration, but when it comes to HGH therapy, the best option is through injection (specifically intramuscular route) at the thigh. For self-administration, the doctor will provide you instructions on how to safely inject the drug, as well as the right dose.

Do not use the HGH drug without the doctor’s instruction to avoid irreversible adverse reactions.

Jewellery Boxes: What Makes a Good Jewellery Box?

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There are a lot of jewellery boxes in the market today – that’s a fact. However, not every box that you can find can keep every piece of your jewellery safe from damages and keep all of it well-secured.

So, what makes a good jewellery box? If you try to visit this website,, you’ll easily understand what this post is all about. However, to have additional ideas on how to choose a good jewellery box, here are a few qualities of a good jewellery box that you should consider when investing one.

Qualities of a Good Jewellery Box

#1: Constructed from durable wood

When you choose a jewellery box always consider buying a wooden-made-jewellery box –preferably the durable wood. Wooden-made jewellery boxes are far better than any gorgeous and expensive-looking enamel-made and metal-made jewellery boxes. Although the two are known durable wooden-made jewellery boxes, on the other hand, it can keep every pieces of the jewellery safe from possible damages that are often caused by the box itself.

Moreover, a well-treated wood can keep moisture from building up. Plus, wood can lightly insulate your jewelry, protecting it from damages caused by the temperature inside the box.

Lastly, other than being classically stylish wooden-made, jewellery boxes are often constructed from durable wood; making it more practical than using enamel-made or plastic-made jewellery boxes.

#2: Designed with soft-to-touch lining

A good jewellery box is constructed with complete lint-free and soft to touch lining. If you are going to a brick-and-mortar store today to buy a jewellery box, you should go for a box with a lining that can secure your jewellery from scratches.

A jewellery box with an abrasive lining can cause non-permanent and non-permanent damages to your jewellery; especially to the types of jewellery that comes with delicate gemstones, such as opals and pearls.

So, make sure to look for a jewellery box with soft-touch and lint-free lining.

#3: It should be well-secured

Jewellery boxes are meant to:

  • Keep every piece of jewellery organized;
  • Keep every piece of jewellery from getting entangled with other jewellery, causing permanent to non-permanent damages,
  • And to keep every pieces of your jewellery safe and secured from being taken by young children to play it with or possibly from being stolen.

So, if you are planning to purchase a jewellery box today, make sure to purchase one that is well-built and well-secured. You may choose a jewellery box with a childproof lock or simply a well-constructed lock.

#4: Constructed in a classically timeless design

Although optional, it would still be nice to have a jewellery box that is designed with classic, gorgeous, and timeless decorations that can match whatever room décor you have or whatever current trends there are in the world of fashion, jewellery, and accessories.

Final Thoughts

If you are having difficulties choosing the best jewellery box, you should consider these factors;

  • It should be made from durable wood;
  • It must be constructed with soft-to-touch lining inside the box;
  • It must be well-secured;
  • It must be constructed with a timeless design.

Also, you may check My Treasure Box’s website to find the best jewellery box that fits your personality.

Travel Essentials That Must Not be Missing from Your Luggage

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This is something to think about; when you’re not going anywhere, you take for granted things you consider as mundane. Perhaps you think that since you have everything you’ll ever need, you can just take it easy. Nevertheless, things take a different turn when you are traveling. You need to make sure that you have all your travel essentials packed. Travel wallets for women are examples of travel essentials. Without one, you can never fully enjoy your trip. Hence, it’s important to make sure that you pack your travel wallet snugly into your purse.

It’s important to ensure you have everything you will need packed rather than stare in disbelief at a suitcase that you have filled up with non-essentials. This is the usual dilemma of travelers. They stuff things inside their bags without even thinking if they would have any need for the items. Ultimately, they realize that most of what they brought are things they wouldn’t have any use for and they have left the important ones at home. The best thing to do is to make a list of the things you would pack in your travel bags to make sure you’re not missing leaving anything important.

Your travel documents are the most important things you need to have in your purse. Even if stuff as things like airline ticket and passport are hard to forget, something might come up and cause you to do just so. Hence, it’s vital to secure these in your bag before anything else. Once you have that covered, it’s time to take care of other travel essentials.

One often-ignored travel essential is a sleep mask. People think getting some shut-eye during flights is something that can be disregarded. On the contrary, it’s important to try and get some sleep during a flight, especially a long one, because the rest will give your body the best opportunity to adapt to the new time zone. Besides, lack of sleep can make you feel lethargic. You won’t be able to enjoy your trip if you’re always sleepy; thus, it’s important to get enough sleep and a sleep mask can help you do just that.

You must remember that some countries have their own unit of electricity. Therefore, the gadgets or electrical items you have may not be compatible with the electrical outlets. A travel adaptor, therefore, must never be missing from your bag. Sadly, for other people, this is one of the most oft-forgotten travel essentials. Now that you know better, you would never forget your adaptor ever again.

Another important thing you must never forget aside from your basic travel needs is your travel insurance details. As much as possible, have at least two copies of your details. Keep one in your travel bag and one in your purse or wallet. That way, even if you lose your luggage, you’d still have a copy left. Taking out travel insurance would be futile if you don’t have the details with you. Of course, there are other items you might deem as essential and that’s the purpose of creating a list beforehand. It will help you avoid packing dilemmas.

Smart Ways on Handle Negative Reviews and Make Customers Happy

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Nobody likes to receive negative reviews. The most common instinct of a person when getting bad online reviews from customers is to ignore all of it. They skip reading the nasty reviews and never bother to respond.

Bad online reviews range from annoying to hurtful. You might not want to respond to negative reviews; however, it is significant to reply to your customers. If you ignore responding to reviews either it is good or bad, it may worsen your online reputation.

Negative reviews can jeopardize a company’s reputation and market presence. Most customers rely on one another rather than reading product review websites. Customers base their choices and buying decision by reading other people’s feedback on the brand. In this way, customers can guarantee that they won’t be spending cash on low-quality products or services.

Thus, if your brand has several negative reviews, customers will conclude that your brand is not worth trusting. It will lead to a sudden decline in customer conversion and sales.

It is impossible to avoid negative reviews since there are customers who will always complain about the smallest flaws in your brand. However, you can lessen the number of poor reviews on your site. You can make customers happy and get reviews by learning how to handle negative reviews.

There is something beneficial with criticisms. You can use it as an instrument on how to develop your brand. Thus, if you have negative online reviews, here are the smartest and positive ways to handle it.

#1 Talk to the Customer

Now that you have started the wrong foot with a customer, you can prevent further damage by communicating with the person. Talk to the customer by responding to his or her review. You can ask the customer about his or her experience by contacting them or through forums and social networking sites.

When talking with a customer, never insist that you have done nothing wrong. Be humble and apologize. Sympathize in your response and acknowledge their concern.

#2 Go Offline

Online conversations with customers feel impersonal. You can convey your sympathy by moving offline. Contact the customer from his or her business number. Discussing the issue personally with the customer is also an excellent idea.  It will show that you are ready to resolve the issue and respect the customers.

When discussing the problem with the customer, be polite, patient and calm. No matter how annoying the customer is, never get mad. It will only add more issues to your business.

#3 Fix the Problem

After reading the negative reviews of the customers, the next step is to evaluate your products and services. Immediately fix the problem to avoid further complains from future customers.

#4 Find Ways to Earn Positive Reviews

There are helpful websites that offer advice and guidelines to small business on how to improve online reputation.

One of the best sources you can trust is Entrepreneurship in a Box. This informative website offers tips that are extremely useful in boosting market presence and reputation. It also teaches you to handle negative reviews and earn positive ones.

You can access this information by visiting the official website of Entrepreneurship in a Box.

Stress Can Kill You: What Stress Can Do to Your Body?

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Stress is a normal physical response – a normal part of life. During critical situations, your body responds to any threats and pressure, which is often called as “fight or flight” response.

If stress is a normal body response, then, why is it said to kill you?

Several studies have been conducted and were concluded that too much stress can kill you; but, how exactly it can kill you? According to the studies, stress can truly be “life-threatening” if the symptoms and the urgency to overcome it are left ignored for too long. In fact, several medical experts have suggested that “too much stress” for a long period of time is a “massive self-destruction”.

The stress that is experienced for too long is known as chronic stress; if left ignored, your overall health is compromised.

What chronic stress can do to your body?

If chronic stress is left untreated, here are the top things it can do to your body:

1. It can compromise your mental health

If a person experiences too much stress, the size of the brain changes. According to research conducted at Yale University, a person who is always under stress for too long can shrink his or her brain, which can compromise the entire mental health.

The amount of synaptic connection between brain cells start to decrease; thus, resulting to decrease brain mass, particularly at the pre-frontal cortex, where the behavior is regulated. Since the function of the pre-frontal cortex is compromised due to the reducing mass and synapses between brain cells, experts claim that stress causes depression and chronic anxiety.

2. Increases the risk of having heart disease

Chronic stress can lead to chronic anxiety or depression; a person suffering from long-term depression is at risk for heart disease. According to the experts, being stressed for too long can abruptly end someone’s life – a silent grim reaper if you may call it.

According to medical experts, stress can trigger fatal arrhythmia or lethal irregular heart rhythms. Also, stress can narrow arteries, increasing the risk of heart attacks and or angina.

3. Anger-causing-stress can kill you

Since stress can alter someone’s behavior, you are prone to have anger issues. According to medical studies, who are often angry is at risk of sudden cardiac death. Research shows that anger and frustration can cause deadly irregular heart rhythms, which may lead to sudden death.

4. Lowers immune system

Anxiety and stress can affect your immune system, which makes you vulnerable to various diseases such as:

•    Cold or Flu
•    Asthma
•    Obesity
•    Diabetes
•    Gastro-intestinal problems
•    Alzheimer’s disease

How to relieve yourself from stress?

1. Always take time to exercise
2.    Consider taking the best adaptogen supplement
3.    Reduce caffeine intake
4.    Spend more time with family and friends when under stress
5.    Take time to relax and laugh; massage can be helpful.
6.    Avoid procrastination
7.    Always listen to relaxing or calming music

Stress is a normal reaction of the body; however, you must learn how to overcome it, because too much stress can kill you.

How To Market Your Psychology Practice Effectively

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how to choose a psychologist

In today’s society, people turn to the internet in order to meet their needs. Food deliveries, clothes shopping, and even vocational courses are done and offered online. That said, people are growing very reliant on the web; hence, majority of prospective patients use the internet to find medical professionals whenever they face medical problems or even those concerning psychology.

As a psychologist, therefore, you must also immerse yourself in the world wide web in order for you to be able to relay the type of services you offer to your prospective patients. Unfortunately, merely maintaining a website with a list of your services might not be enough to convince site viewers to avail your services.

Marketing Your Practice

  • Highlighting your background, credentials, and experience

When people look for prospective medical professionals, such as psychologists or psychiatrists, they will never fail to browse that doctor’s history. This is why it is important for you to include details and information about your education, experiences, credentials, specialization, and the like. These details will encourage your clients to reach out since they now have something to hold on to as a guarantee of quality service.

how to market psychology service

  • Treating yourself as a brand

Branding does not only apply to products but also to professions. Thus, you must treat yourself as a brand and so, marketing yourself is essential as well. You may opt to go for simple short advertisements, posters, brochures, or even flyers which contain essential information about your services. In all these methods, make sure that the message you wish to relay to your clients will hit home.

  • Providing reliable customer service

It is very important for you to provide great quality of customer service to future clients. This aspect can make or break you. If you take too long in answering inquiries or if you are too rude to your future clients; chances are, these people will scroll over your website and move along.

  • Making your website look professional

One big mistake professionals commit whenever they put up a website is thinking that having a website alone is all that it needs for clients to come knocking on their doors. The truth is, there is so much more that you need to do than just setting up a website. The web design, navigation style, and even hosting options matter a lot. Luckily, there are recommended online resources for psychologists which can greatly help in these matters.

  • Considering free consultations

Nothing is more attractive for prospective clients or patients than a free trial of your services. Thus, free initial consultations are very much encouraged just so your clients would be given a chance to see how it would be like when working on their problems with you.

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, you need to remember that your website is for your future patients’ benefits. As a psychologist, you must focus on being patient-centric; understand the value of your patients and give them the services they deserve to have. Never treat them as mere customers.


The Psychology of Training BJJ and Getting the Best Equipment

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The opponents aren’t getting any easier for James Warfield.

“The Unbreakable Heavy Hitter” has taken a fight on relatively short notice this weekend at Victory Fighting Championship 35 against the undefeated Joe Ellenberger, the former VFC champion who is making his second trip to the cage since overcoming a potentially life threatening blood disease.

Anxious to rebound from his April loss to Wisconsin rival Sherron Leggett, Warfield (22-8) informed US Combat Sports of the matchup last week at the Combat USA Illinois vs. Wisconsin finals. He said that from this point on in his career all of his opponents will be on the level of Leggett or Ellenberger.

Undefeated through his first 11 bouts, “Excalibur” Ellenberger is one of the more intriguing stories within MMA. The twin brother of UFC title contender Jake Ellenberger, Joe will be returning to the cage for only the second time since July of 2009.

After beginning his career 10-0 and looking well on his way to the UFC, Ellenberger was diagnosed with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria, a rare blood disease that threatened his life. Thankfully, the fighter has made tremendous strides with the complication and returned to the cage against Jeff Carstens in May earning yet another first round victory. Carsten cited using high quality training gear as essential to his victory and suggested finding great BJJ rashguards before training.

The bout on Saturday should prove to be one of the toughest matchups throughout both fighters’ careers. Ellenberger and Warfield have showcased a world of talent and could be right on the cusp of either a UFC or Strikeforce contract.

VFC 35 is set to take place on Saturday, July 30, at the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The event will be headlined by a heavyweight bout between Abe Wagner and Justin Grizzard and features 12 total bouts. Stay tuned to US Combat Sports for coverage of the lightweight showdown between Ellenberger and Warfield.

Before his upcoming bout against Melvin Manhoef at “Strikeforce: Fiejao vs. Henderson” on March 5,  middleweight contender Tim Kennedy sat down with US Combat Sports and discussed what motivates him as a fighter and his preparation for his heavy-handed opponent.

Being a former Army Ranger, How has that helped you as an MMA fighter?

Tim: It makes me more disciplined and focused. It relaxes me in the cage and keep things in perspective 

Is their any prestige you feel being an MMA fighter?

Tim: I don’t care about stuff. I’m a down to earth hardworking American. I’m always shocked when people ask me for an autograph or a interview.

One of the things that standout about you is your work ethic when training for a fight, where does this motivation come from?

Tim: I don’t want to let my brothers and sisters in uniform down. Special forces is a pretty small community. I’ll hear about it for the rest of my life if I go out there unprepared.

In addition to that going into each fight you always a huge psychological edge over your opponent, how do destroy opponents with this useful trait?

Tim: I have been shot at, blown up, RPG’d, ambushed, and the lone American deployed with foreign forces… Nothing that can happen

Now you have a big fight coming up against Melvin Manhoef, How has the training been going preparing for this fight?

Tim: I spent a month at Greg Jackson’s at the beginning of my fight camp, and then imported a bunch of explosive compact partners for the last month. I feel great!

Have you done anything differently preparing for Melvin as oppose to other opponents you fought in the past?

Tim: It’s difficult hiding guys with his ability and size, but I tried to prepare for everything he can do.

What do you know about your opponent Melvin  Manhoef and how do you think you match up with him?

Tim: He is a very gifted striker. I think he has great takedown defense which makes him very dangerous.

What does Tim Kennedy have to do to win this fight ?

Tim: I’m going to bring the fight to Melvin. He will not be dictating the pace. I’ll be pressing forward.

Lastly do you have anything you want to tell your fans out there ?

Tim: I promise 2011 is going to be my year. I’m going out there to finish every opponent.

Any last minute shout outs ?

Tim: I want to thank the troops for fighting for our freedom, and the fans for supporting me and watching my fights.

Is the Limitless Pill Real? If so, where to get one

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Wouldn’t it be great to always have the greatest ideas? To be more motivated, clear thinking, have better memory, enhance your mood and your performance level at work? Sound like a dream? It isn’t. If you’ve seen the movie “Limitless”, and thought how fantastic that would be, well, dream no more. With the ever-improving and advancement in smart drugs and supplements, you can achieve all the goals you set.

What Are Smart Drugs?

The simple answer is Smart drugs are supplements crafted to make you smarter. They have been around a long time and with research and development, they are becoming more mainstream than ever. These supplements are used by people in all walks of life, students, executives, entrepreneurs.

Real Life Limitless Pill Alternatives

Humble beginnings in The Soviet Union, Phenibut was developed as an antidepressant and is still used today. But not just an antidepressant, it works as a mood enhancer, sleep aid, and have been shown to clear and enhance thinking, help concentration and focus as well as improve overall memory.

Nootropics are considered smart drugs and have the same and similar effects as Phenibut. They enhance the brain’s ability to process thought, create ideas and formulate and solve problems, and work to solve sleep issues like insomnia. Used regularly for entrepreneurs and executives whose mental capacity is key for them getting, maintaining and keeping their jobs or businesses afloat, not only is the brain functioning better but because of its calming and soothing properties, your mood and disposition will be greatly enhanced as well. This is paramount when dealing with the public, with difficult clients or making or breaking the next big deal.

One such smart drug getting its due attention is Qualia. Qualia is made with high potency ingredients and more of them than most leading smart drugs. Not only is it highly potent but it’s been developed to work to its potency for you but stacking the ingredients. This means it’s in two separate packages, one for morning, one for night, for perfect balance and ultimate results. Some have heralded Qualia as a real life limitless pill alternative.

The ingredients used have been proven effective each on their own, so having them all in one powerful punch is the best possible access. Mood enhancers, calming, clear thinking, a better, fuller more relaxing sleep. When your job depends on your brain working to its fullest, why wouldn’t you want to do whatever you could to help that along?

Our moods not only affect us, but those around us. Our job suffers, our work suffers, we stress over it and then have trouble performing. Not only our career but our family and home life, our social circle, it’s just a spiral we don’t need to even get on.

By enhancing our brain power and functioning ability, we can move forward, upward to all the greatest achievements we have dreamed of. You worked hard to get where you are, you want to keep it there. Doing yourself a favor by increasing your performance at work makes you happy and that will reflect in all the other areas of your life.

Always research any supplement you are planning to take, ask around, compare, don’t just jump on the first one. Look at ingredients and decide which one will be best for you. Be smart about being smarter.

Things to Know About Judgments on Your Credit Report

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how to dispute judgment

One of the worst blows to your credit scores is receiving a judgment. Once you see a judgment in the content of your credit report, you might want to rub your eyes to make sure. But what exactly is a judgment? Without further ado, let us look into some of the most important things to know when it comes to finding a judgment on your credit report.

What is a judgment?

Basically, a judgment is a ruling of the court for a lawsuit. And in many cases, judgments are a result of unpaid or unsatisfied financial obligations or debts. Simply put, if a judgment reflects on your credit report, it means that you had a lawsuit in your hands; you have been sued in civil court with debt as a reason and unfortunately, you lost the battle.

Things to Know

  • There are 3 types of judgments.

The three types of judgments that can be applied to you are the following:

  1. Unsatisfied – This is, perhaps, the most damaging type of judgment. Basically, it means that you have not paid or satisfied your debt. If this type of judgment is not settled, it will reflect on your credit report for exactly 7 years. On another note, your creditor can also forcibly collect from you.
  1. Satisfied – A satisfied judgment means your debt issues have been paid or settled. The main two ways to satisfy a judgment is by paying it in full amount or by reaching a settlement or negotiation between you and the creditor.
  1. Vacated – If a judgment is vacated, it should no longer appear on your credit report.This dismissal can be achieved by an appeal. If the judgment still reflects on your credit report, you can dispute as incorrect reporting.
  1. Re-filed – Unfortunately, judgments may be renewed. Usually, they will stay on your credit report for 7 years but when renewed, it will reappear again and again on your report for another set of 7 years. Obviously, this will keep happening if you keep your judgment is unsatisfied.

steps in disputing judgment

  • Judgments negatively impact your credit scores.

Judgments may greatly affect your credit report. With this on your plate, your credit score will flunk lower and lower. Understandably, creditors will be reluctant to lend or loan you money because your trustworthiness is tarnished. Indeed, a judgment has one of the most crucial and damaging effects on a credit report since having low credit scores will definitely affect even your eligibility for apartment rentals, mortgage, credit, and other loans.

  • Judgments may stay on your credit report for 7 years.

Regardless if it’s satisfied or unsatisfied, judgments usually stay on your credit report for 7 years.

However, if you are able to dispute judgments, you can have them removed from your credit reports as soon as possible. Of course, this will entail professional help.

  • Judgments can be vacated.

Through an appeal, a filed judgment can possibly vacated. And if the judgment is vacated, the judgments are actually deleted from the credit report. However, this is only applicable if you do win the appeal. When the judgment has been vacated, it’s important for you make sure that the status of your judgment is updated. No signs of judgment should reflect on your credit report. If you want to know more, you might want to learn how to remove judgment here.